Oh, hello.

So glad you stopped by and chose to stay a little while. My fascination with creating, nature and the One who made us began as a little girl in my grandmother's garden.

I write to taste life twice and live to see that twinkle of wonder in another's eyes when receiving something handmade, just for them. It's in those simple moments of wonder which sweep our breath away-I'm reminded our Redeemer lives.

Just a regular girl, I grew up in New York, then migrated to Nebraska and carved out a way, to make a way, doing the things I love.  Snow and hockey are my favorite seasons, I enjoy doing  laundry, hand lettering, writing songs and gardening.  Been working on this one crochet blanket for years... 

There's also an odd fascination with Matryoshkas.  

I keep two land snails in a terrarium; their names are Oliver and Fern and writing about them is a  quirk of mine. A rather large dog sunbathes on my living room floor each afternoon.  I take tea. 

 ...Welcome to my special place.

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