The Little Things

“Don’t Just See: Observe... The little things are infinitely the most important.” 🔍

I have an endearing collection of mugs and teacups and I like my coffee hot. Hot like the center of the sun. Tea should nearly scorch my pallet as well. At one point I thought there were too many and then, as I sorted through to toss some one evening, realized each actually held a story. Memories or neat little things in my heart, stuff I could remember, attached themselves - to them all. I smiled, put an unmarked, white one back and decided you know, it's all good. And so this mug marked the very first addition to my Sherlock collection. I've been a fan since childhood, as my grandmother before me - the unquenchable desire to understand the misunderstood - it just runs so very deep.

#muglove #sherlockholmes #tea #coffee #itsallgood #mystery

#tea #sherlockholmes #muglove #itsallgood #coffee