Literary Avalanche

Well, thought I'd have to buy a new shelf, this one was beyond repair. Heard a loud crack between label orders recently and my five-tier bookshelf randomly snapped. The whole thing crashed to the floor. Well over a hundred books fell - my Monday fell too. 🙄 At least no one was hurt. So are the disadvantages of being a bibliophile; this sort of thing and moving days. 📚🤦🏼‍♀️💥I was prepared to assemble it all again, shimmy it into the corner...reorganize and shelf a-hundred-and-something books {closer to two}...and I’m glad. Yeah. Really.

So, later that day, I noticed another bookcase was bent a little weird, and about to bust too, while sorting the mess. Likely from the other falling against it. So, I built new shelves on a wall instead of buying more bookcases. A few other bookcases are still standing strong, they’ll last, but I gotta admit, it was fun doing shelves again. Hand-built shelves for the win.

It’s funny how things happen but, also how we shift with time, our hearts. When the shelf shattered that day, just seeing it made me instantly tired - the thought of restoring it all. Restoration, in any form, such a testimony but man what a job. Thing is, I HAD something to restore - see I remembered, a few minutes after the crash in my room, when I prayed for the books that fell.

Years ago, near twenty, my heart ached for my own library. On my table, sat a few books my mom had left behind and one day, looking at that little pile, I asked God for a bunch of my own. I don’t know, it was one of those things you pray that’s like breathing. It was in my heart, came out, and I forgot about it. Nine moves, my growing library has gone with me - no spine left behind. These books have been boxed, unboxed, dropped, caused blisters, been shelved, re-shelved, stacked, organized and even made into decorative pieces when I’ve run out of room. No coaster? Here, use a book.

Point is I slipped that day. Not only had I failed to notice the Lord had patiently but steadily answered a desire of my heart over seventeen years - but I came all too close to despising the very thing I’d forgotten I’d prayed a moment of exhaustion. No words had formed yet as I stood there taking in the book disaster that covered half my bedroom. Instead I was thinking through what’s here, and better worded through my fingertips.

Power, joy, unfailing hope and the compassion of Christ are found in maintaining a thankful heart - it’ll keep a supernatural smile on your face. But I’d be lying if I wrote as if I never manage to forget this, and don’t grouch some time away here-and-there. It’s amazing how something treasured can become a source of contempt in a weak moment, when thankfulness slinks into the shadows to sip a cool drink in the heat of frustration.

Stewing there, a third of my book collection in an awkward heap, I suddenly remembered praying for the library I have now - when the books at my feet and stashed all around my apartment - were just hoped for. Yeah...felt my face turn red, you know, that heat in your cheeks when God looks inside you and silently raises and eyebrow. For the first time in a long time, it struck me just how many books I have...literally hundreds from a simple, single and forgotten seventeen year-old prayer.

Sometimes things fall, but in picking them up we’re given an opportunity to observe them, not just see them. No more needs to be explained here. Observe your life tonight, tomorrow, and remember when things you have were just a’s what faith is made of. 💪🏻📚💞 🔨

#booklove #thankfulness #hope #faith #wonder #wood #tools #becauseican #bibliophile

#booklove #bibliophile #wood #wonder #thankfulness #hope #faith