Bookishness No. 1

When it’s love - you can’t stay away... 📚💞

Took my bi-weekly trip to Half-price Books. That familiar sigh upon walking through the doors, it never alludes my soul. Though, each time my thoughts remind this shameless bibliophile I really, really shouldn't be there again. Anyway, I may just work through this entire One Pot find by Martha Stewart. It's a rarity for myself and my family in that, we'd actually eat nearly all of the entries were I to cook them. Anyone who knows me well, understands I could not leave the store without the book about fries. Side dishes and a new volunteer for my crochet book collection, I found those first on this trip. Traditional Puddings though, with a rich explanation of British desserts, this book may be journey-worthy as well - each thing looks wonderful and non-obscure. This was a great visit!

#bibliophile #fivemore #whystopnow#halfpricebooks #bookishness

#bibliophile #bookishness #halfpricebooks #booklove