It's All Good

I often walk to Winchell's with my coffee. 🍩 ☕️

It's our local doughnut haunt, is defiantly adjacent to Krispy Kreme, family-owned and conveniently a few doors down from my home. They have the best fresh-squeezed orange juice around. Their coffee-house newsletter is often my placemat. It's cozy there, silently golden in the early morning and today, I miss this. The walk is just right; not too close, not too far. I'm a winter girl through and through, spring has failed to launch here in the Midwest and I've secretly enjoyed this fact. Yet today... I came across this photo from warmer days and in a breath my heart was ready for spring. Three more days of snow ahead of us here in Omaha, Nebraska.

Winter just isn't leaving yet.

But it's all good.

#citylife #doughnutlove #goodmorning #itsallgood #muglove

#muglove #citylife #doughnutlove #goodmorning #itsallgood #tea #coffee