My Balcony Garden

My ... it's been a while. {blows dust off keyboard and waves the air}

Running an Etsy business has kept me so very busy - I've missed writing here. I've missed it quite a bit. Anyway, in the wee hours of this morning, well before the sun peeks through the wooded area behind my studio; typing has begun, along with a search through my smart phone for recent photographs of my garden. No matter where I've lived, I've been unable to keep my hands out of the dirt; things must grow - anywhere I go. Now, it's not what first comes to mind - a sprawling, ground-level garden rather, it spills over from my balcony. It's here, at my studio.

This is first in a series of posts I'll be sharing on Balcony Gardening, beginning with my Provider Beans. They're on two sides of my balcony rail and growing beautifully! These photos were taken in the last two months, and these particular plants have already been harvested, removed and secondary crops begun for more beans.

Yes, you can grow food on a balcony. 🙌🏻

Behold, my beans...

I'll be doing one more Provider Bean post, detailing the seed, how they grew, watering, sunlight and such. {For the curious, those are carrots growing slowly amid the lower stems of the Provider Bean bushes. Nope, not weeds - carrots! Pretty neat, right?}

When I began this balcony garden it was different than other gardens I'd started, as I was unable to find many posts, sites, pins and such about balcony gardening to draw inspiration from; much less balcony vegetable gardening, which is what I'm attempting. 😁 So, because much of my balcony garden success started as trial-and-error, I've decided to share this journey with you - and what a wonderful journey it has been. If you've an office balcony, apartment balcony, studio balcony - you can really have a garden on it!

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