Ollie the Square

Tried something new, and way more difficult than I’m used to - just really needed a metal challenge, a new stitch-puzzle to unravel. Traditional granny squares can get tedious fast, all the same stitch, over and over and...you get my drift. It’s why I occasionally switch projects from my original, huge blanket.

This book is full of 49 other versions of “Ollie” which is my favorite, with enough detail holes to be interesting; without being drafty or catching fingers and toes. It may just be blanket-worthy, alternated with a few other designs. These squares are very complicated, but turn out so large...the project would go by without dragging along. I’d definitely stay with this soft yarn in grey, maybe a hint of color in a row here-and-there. We’ll see. #yarnlove #moderngrannysquares #crocheting