Provider Bush Beans

Here's that promised post about the bush beans in my balcony garden. These were so very easy to grow and are nearly an instant gratification seed. Many other types of seed need to be started indoors early in my area of the country, but not these beans. They grow in a small, compact bush, nothing vining or climbing all over the place. Seriously, they sprout so quickly, grow even faster and produce lots of beans too!

These were poked down about one inch deep in moist soil and received about 4.5 hours of morning sunlight, bright light the rest of the day - no shade. I watered them every-other-day with my balcony wand {another post to come on that} and did not fertilize them. For soil, I use the same thing in all my planters; a 3-3-3 ratio of Peat Moss, Compost and Vermiculite. It works fantastic.

Once these were done producing beans, you can tell when they get worn-looking and stop making flowers, I cut the stems down at the dirt. Had they been ripped out fully, the carrots would have been disturbed or come loose along with them so - cutting was the way to go. Then, I poked new seeds in just beside the old stems and within a week, had a new crop growing. Ideally, I should have put them in two weeks before I cut the old ones away, I'm not a fan of the dirt sitting bare, but I honestly lost track of time. If you've never experienced it, there's absolutely nothing like fresh beans, right off the bush, cooked and served with dinner. My little girls {6 and 10} don't like canned green beans or even the best brand of frozen ones but these... they gobble them down boiled or steamed with a bit of salt and butter.

So, regardless of your tiny balcony or even windowsill growing space; with around 4 hours of sunlight yes, you CAN grow beans in a planter {mine are 10" deep with the dirt filling 7" high}. I could do 8" of dirt but leave some space for seedling wind protection, being up two stories. Oh, and never pull the beans off the bush, they're strong little things that hang on tightly - you'll break the plant. Always cut them loose at the thin stem, just above the bean, when they're plump and look ready to eat. Here's where I order my bean seeds - try growing some!

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