The 700 -Yard Mark

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Started something new, for in-between the hundred-something squares I’ve made lately, for a blanket I started seven years ago {another post on that soon}. I fell in love with this yarn on-site because it looks like bakery string. It turns a pretty shade of grey, my favorite color, as it fades from that soft grape in the picture. This is a smaller throw, not a huge blanket and the first thing I've made that takes so very much yarn {two thousand, four hundred twelve yards!} and follows a particular series of stitches.

I considered a life metaphor while working on this project...and it's actually true in many things. Trust the pattern, hold to the plan - in the end it’s going to make something beautiful. The odd stitches will all make sense, when the finished piece is held up with a light behind it... Hey, it’ll even keep you warm.

The only nose I like in my business. 🐾

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