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Customizable font, text and interchangeable images.

Even use your own logo.

Ironing your labels in? Check out a great how-to video here:


More product detail, shipping information and ironing tips below in the FAQ section 

We now have  40 Font Choices 

Heart of Woner FONT LIST.png
Heart of Wonder FONT LIST 2.png

21 Available Pre-designed Images 

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 5.41.25 PM.png

Font Examples: 1, 2, 7, 12

*screens vary, example images not true to size. 

Label Proportions with Image & Text Added

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 7.55.55 PM.png

Here's a basic idea of how your label will look with text and a small image added from our list. Red lines are the cutting lines.  This should help with planning how many letters will fit, also how many lines.  It's also a good way to envision how things will be arranged on the label depending on the shape.  Remember, the smaller the label, the smaller the text and image! 

                                               ~ Eden

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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"How can I CUSTOMIZE?"
During checkout, there will be a NOTE TO SELLER section. You can type your font# and desired text here, along with any other details. 

"How can I send my LOGO?"
Please email your image in JPEG or PNG format via Etsy message.  Trouble? Let us know.

"Can you add MY OWN LOGO/photo/image to my label?"
YES! Your image must have a transparent, white or softly colored background, be in JPEG or PNG format and shaped as close as possible to the label proportions you'll be purchasing. ie: send a fairly square image for a square label and so forth. Please do not match your logo to the label size, this makes the image too small fo us. Etsy customers, please send logos in JPEG or PNG format via ETSY message only.  

NOPE. This happens. It happens often. USPS does not scan every package with tracking. If you receive a shipping notification from with a tracking number, your labels have left the studio. If this information does not update on the USPS website, it's still on its way. We see the same information as you when opening the tracking number on their website, no more. We normally wait a few days and the labels arrive. These packages normally show up within the allotted USPS First Class Mail time-frame of 2-10 business days and we ship from Omaha, Nebraska, in the middle of the USA.  After 20 business days from shipment, {30 business days for international first class} we will replace and deem the package lost. 

"Will other fabrics be VISIBLE THROUGH my labels? ARE THEY SEE-THROUGH?"
Somewhat. The labels are made with 100% cotton. They are NOT sheer. They are NOT blackout weight. They ARE white however, and a SHADOW from very dark fabrics will be visible when looking at the label. This is not a quality issue...rather just working with cotton. The shadow from darker fabrics will be less visible with our MUSLIN option. Please keep this in mind for pastel-colored custom images sent in as well. 

"Is my LOGO USEABLE for a label?"
95% of the time, YES. If your image has vibrant color, is sharp and has crisp well-sized fonts, it will print GREAT on a fabric label. For font ideas, compare your image's font with ours; we have a FONT LIST image in each label listing. Up front: very soft, delicate, pastel images do NOT transfer well from paper to fabric {especially the muslin option}. Quality, cotton fabric absorbs a lot of ink, unlike paper - tiny lines and delicate colors can be lost in this. These softer images should be deeper several shades before sending to us, please note we may deepen them even further. Still not sure? Send us your image at TheHeartofWonder@gmail.com.  We'll take a look at it. Etsy customers, please use only Etsy messenger to contact the shop.   {
Please read all the listing details. I receive MANY emails and may not reply to questions with answers already found within the listing. Thank you so very much for your understanding as this speeds my turnaround time and gets your labels to you faster!}

"What's the difference between WHITE and MUSLIN fabric?"MUSLIN is cotton in its natural state, imperfect color, unbleached. The texture is slightly less smooth than WHITE. WHITE is basically, the same thing - but bleached. It's a little smoother. Both fabrics are the same thread count, both 100% cotton. 

YES. Two lines are fine, every now-and-then three, depending on the fonts and text. 15 characters per line {folded labels excluded} is the max and this includes spaces. One line of text will be half the size of the other, this can be the top or bottom line. It's up to you. We will not print rights protected images or profanity or racial text/images or things with illegal drug references.

"I didn't get a PROOF!"
Proofs are sent upon request only. You can mention need of a proof during checkout in the NOTE TO SELLER section or, send us a message. Orders with proofs required will NOT SHIP until proofs are approved by you so, check your messages. Also, we'll send as many proofs as necessary. It's okay to ask for more than one, we'll send up to five per order. We copy and paste your desired text directly from each invoice to avoid mis-spellings etc. Less proofing helps us keep a faster turn-around time, it's why we do it this way. 

"Can I change the LABEL SIZE?"
SURE. In the NOTES to SELLER section at checkout you can specify what size you'd like your labels to be. If you go larger, less will fit per sheet, smaller there will be more per sheet. We will ALWAYS squeeze as many in per sheet as possible. No need for a custom listing as this is mentioned in each one. This also does not make the labels take any longer.


"Will my labels FADE, RUN or FRAY over time or, with machine washing and drying?"NO. No they will not. 

CONTACT: **Please read all the listing details. I receive many emails and may not reply to questions with answers already found within the listing. Thank you so very much for your understanding as this speeds my turnaround time and gets your labels to you faster!**